Go Beyond Static: Three Dynamic Techniques

The heart of a successful online marketing strategy is a dynamic website reinforced by consistent posting on social sites. Make it come alive. Here are three techniques for creating a representation of your business, organization, or professional practice on the web that has vibrancy, motion, and excitement.

Overcome Content Block

Consistent writing supplies the content needed to feed the dynamic web and social media beast. Writing may be a daunting task for many people. Stalled in your efforts to get that content machine going? Here’s a technique to overcome content block:

[box type=”download”]Ask people familiar with your work to talk about your abilities, interpersonal skills, and qualities they like about your business, organization, or practice. These may be family members, friends, loyal customers, or colleagues: select people you can trust to be positive. Download a voice recorder app for your smartphone. Record what they say. When you sit down to write your content, playback the recordings for inspiration and wording.[/box]

Use Photographs to Show Activity, Motion, and Change

You can use still photographs to create a dynamic effect. For example, if you are a small business owner with a storefront:

  • Photograph your storefront at different times of the day, different seasons of the year, and in rain and in sunshine.
  • Each time you change your window display, take a photo. Get photos of holiday-themed displays, items, and signs.
  • Try photographing your shop from different angles; for example from outside looking in the window and from inside the window looking out.
  • Ask someone to photograph you as you work in the store. Ask a trusted co-worker or customer with whom you feel comfortable to model for some shots.
  • Photograph your inventory as you unpack boxes.
Hotel in Skippack
Photo of Hotel Fiesole taken by Michael Shaw, the Skippack Blogger for the I love Skippack website

Post your best photos as single shots. You can also group photos into albums on Facebook to tell a story or add contrast. Use Facebook posts to tell a story in photos about your business as you move through time.

Bad Videos are Great

Video is ideal for reinforcing a dynamic atmosphere online. Here is great news about using video on the web and in social media: Your videos don’t have to be good to achieve their purpose. You don’t need to be  Steven Spielberg to make effective video. In fact, in the world of new media, you may be better off if your videos are a bit clumsy: it shows humanity and authenticity, two qualities which are rewarded in new media.

Most smartphones and digital cameras today come with video functionality. Just point at the subject. Try to avoid talking head videos and include some action, even if it is just some gestures and hand motions.  Keep your videos short: one or two minutes is best. Bad is good when bad is short. A shout out is stimulating; a long speech is mind numbing.

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