Why should a Small Business care about the Latest Search Engine Update?

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird…sounds like I was visiting a zoo over the weekend. Nope, those are some of the names Google gives to their search algorithm updates. So why is the latest update, named Hummingbird important to a business owner?

What is a Search Algorithm?

Before I give you an answer you may be asking what is a search algorithm? Fair question. I like the way it was described at Search Engine Land.

“…a technical term for what you can think of as a recipe that Google uses to sort through the billions of web pages and other information it has, in order to return what it believes are the best answers.”

Google Hummingbird Update

SEO for Small Business: Conversational Searches
Google voice search for handmade artisan jewelry around Skippack, PA (I added the hummingbird).

The Hummingbird update shifts emphasis away from general one or two word keywords to longer detailed phrases & what is referred to as conversational searches like, Where can I find artisan jewelry near Skippack, PA? Conversational Searches have taken off in the mobile world with the ease of asking your smartphone a question using the voice capable search engines on iPhone and Android smartphones. Google has also added voice searching on the desktop version of  their Chrome browser.

So why does all this matter to me and my small business and what should I do? Publish pages or posts on your website answering questions your customers or clients are thinking about related to your business, products, and services.  Overtime your small business will place higher in searches on Google for real and detailed questions from real people who are serious potential customers or clients for your products or services.

It’s pretty simply to do just think about questions you get all the time from customers and write about them providing some useful information online based on your personal experience.

Solid Long term SEO Strategy for Small Business

This is one aspect of a simple, solid, and long term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for your small business. Don’t focus on technical tricks but instead focus on a strategy of simply helping people find information they need related to your products and services.

You can read more detail about the Google Hummingbird update in this article: FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

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  1. Hey Brad ! agree with you, Hummingbird is good, specially it provides a most appropriate and relevant search queries to its user for that they looks for.

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